08 September 2009

A funny hat, lots of stickers, and a few energetic children

So, Saturday's charity photo shoot for KinderMourn went off without a hitch. David Perlmutt's article proved to be a key piece of the puzzle... A fifth of the days patrons heard about the event through the newspaper article. Not only did the article in question make it into the print addition of the Charlotte Observer, but it was on page 2A above the fold!

So, once again, thank you David!

Now that I have had a few days to reflect on the event, I have a short list of things I would definitely do differently next time. I must admit to being a little disappointed in the turnout. But, everyone who did come out seemed pleased with the experience. Combine that with KinderMourn being pleased, and I guess all is right with the world.

In the coming weeks I will make the determination on whether or not to do this event again... And if so, when.

Here are some non retouched examples from the shoot:

They are what they are...

One last big thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible: KinderMourn, Little Ones Magazine, Orange Element, Preslar Studios, BlackBox Studios, and Polka Dot Bake Shop and of course the good people of Charlotte, NC.


Scott C.
Simulacra Photography

02 September 2009

Making an entrance

This is a short and sweet update... David Perlmutt of the Charlotte Observer just posted a very nice write up on me, my move towards making a new life in Charlotte, and most importantly, the charity photo shoot event.

Special thanks to Shana from KinderMourn for making the introductions and of course to David for the exposure.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Photo sessions to help KinderMourn

Scott Clinton sure knows how to make an entrance.

Clinton has run a photography studio and business in New York. Yet, after 11 years, being a Nebraska boy with small-town inclinations, he decided he wanted to pull up stakes and find a saner life in Charlotte.

This week, he was still in the process of moving (he probably won't be fully moved until year's end), but he wanted to start becoming a part of the city where he hopes to build a new life.

Using the concept of cause marketing, Clinton has linked up with KinderMourn, the uniquely Charlotte nonprofit that helps family navigate through the grief of losing a loved one, and he's holding portrait sessions this Saturday to raise money for the organization.

"Anyone can come down: families, or individuals -- if you want your dog photographed, I don't care," said Clinton, from his studio in New York, where he's still packing his life into boxes. "After 11 years in New York, I decided that enough was enough. I have friends in Charlotte and had spent time here.

"I liked the city, and the way people take the time to develop relationships."

Clinton has rented space at Blackbox Studios, 3120 Latrobe Dr., suite 250 (that's in the Arnold Palmer Center off North Wendover Road). For a minimum donation of $40 -- he's suggesting you donate $100 -- you'll get a 5 to 10-minute portrait session and after a couple weeks, an 8-by-10 glossy print.

All the money raised from the sessions will go to KinderMourn. More prints will be available to buy.

The shoot will run from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., first come, first serve -- no reservations. He's getting help from Little Ones Magazine and Preslar Studio.

He chose KinderMourn because of its mission: Helping people wade through a mire of grief and rebuild their lives after they've lost someone they love.

"They do good work," Clinton said. "I'm proud to be connected with them through this effort."

In New York, Clinton has run Scott Clinton Photography, photographing mainly corporations. He recently spun off a business, Simulacra Photography, which focuses on portraits of babies, children, teenagers, adults and families.

He's moving both businesses to Charlotte.

"Moving to a new community, I felt it was important to do some good for the community, but also reach as many people as possible and establish what I do -- so it's win-win," he said. "I'm a bit of a small-town guy. Charlotte's not a small town, but it has similar values. It feels like a good fit."

-David Perlmutt, Charlotte Observer