12 March 2011

New facebook page and the forgotten child...

For the past year-and-a-half or so, I have neglected my commercial photography business while concentrating on my spin-off portrait and wedding photography company, Simulacra.   Scott Clinton Photography has become a bit of a forgotten child.

That's not to say that I haven't been working...   Quite the contrary...   Commercial jobs from clients like Coach, RocketDog NYC, Orange Element, iHome, and Warwick Basses, have actually kept me fairly busy.   But, it is now time to raise the stakes and get in the game.

Portrait and Live Performance Photography of 311's Aaron Wills (aka P-Nut).
Photography © Scott S. Clinton / www.ScottClinton.com 

Now that Simulacra Photography is pretty much set up as a destination for fine portrait and wedding photography in Charlotte, New York City, and Omaha, I can focus my attention on relaunching Scott Clinton Photography as a power in commercial photography for Charlotte, New York City, and Omaha.

Step one is complete...  This week I launched a new commercial photography facebook page (www.Facebook.com/ScottClintonPhotography).   This page is a work in progress, but in its infancy will display images of musicians and bands, behind the scene shots, and printed pieces.   In time, I will add commercial portraits, still life, and personal work.

Step two was actually begun before step one and consists of the redesign of ScottClinton.com.   This is a work in progress and will likely take a couple months.  The new website will feature my personal work in addition to tabletop still life and commercial portraits (including musicians).

Step three will be to market myself as a photographer in New York City, Charlotte, and Omaha.

08 March 2011


In the month since my last post I have been busily working with Tylor Duncan on the concepts for the new Scott Clinton Photography website.   Much like the Simulacra Photography website, my commercial site will not be held to any one market.   Instead, Scott Clinton Photography will be focus on being a destination for Commercial Photography in New York City and Charlotte, NC.

In time, I will add additional markets as well.

February wasn't just about design and planning...   Additionally, I was fortunate enough to to bid on and receive a job for iHome.   My client, NYC based design firm Rocket Dog, brought me in to photography various iHome products both on location (at the Gansevoort Hotel, Park Ave (NYC)) and in studio for use in trade publications.

On top of the booking with RocketDog NYC and iHome, I was also given the opportunity to bid on commercial jobs in New York City, Baltimore, MD and Omaha, NE.   Plus, weddings in New York and Knoxville, TN.

With any luck, a few of these other jobs will come through...  Making 2011 the best year yet!

08 February 2011

Momentum... Forward momentum!

The past few months have been a blur... Road trips, the holidays, and assignments have kept me pretty busy.

In the calm moments of this whirlwind, together with my friend and web developer John Fontana, I was able to finally complete work on my new portrait website.   Today is the official relaunch of Simulacra.com.  At this point, I am thrilled with the results!

develped by Scott S. Clinton and John Fontana / SiteandSound.com

Now is not time to rest on my laurels, however.   Instead, I am working with the talented designers of the Baltimore based design firm Orange Element to create new collateral materials to help drive more business to Simulacra.   In the coming weeks, we will produce new business cards, an over-sized post card, and a tri-fold brochure (specifically geared towards weddings).

While working on these materials, I will simultaneously be working with Charlotte based designer Tylor Duncan and  web developer John Fontana on a new website for Scott Clinton Photography...  A project that is long overdue!   The new ScottClinton.com will feature additional galleries with updated work, client lists, and links.   Also in the works...   A Scott Clinton Photography Facebook page.

As if that were not enough, there are pending travels to NYC and Baltimore for some paid assignments.   More on that later.

In my personal life, I have been trying to enjoy my time in Charlotte... A task that gets easier as the weather improves.  I am sure it will be no surprise, but I am still on the prowl for a significant other and am rather sick of the single life AND dating.  For the most part I have been making myself busy by spending time with friends, going to/watching movies, and seeing the occasional live band.  Recently, to my surprise, I discovered that a couple of my Charlotte friends like to trap shoot...   So, I have been out breaking clays a little more often :)

Trap shooting with the boys...   Ty and Sam

Stay tuned for more updates!