31 March 2009

Old Friends, 5 Star Generals, Fishing, and Island Life

So... Friday night in Sarasota, FL... I was able to meet up with a couple old friends for a few drinks. Good times! Late night...
Goodman made the terrible mistake of ordering a drink called the 5 star generals... GROSS!
The next morning Goodman and I hit the Waffle House... All Star Breakfast, YUM!!!
On Sunday I made my way down to Palm Island to see my father and step-mother. Monday came and it was time to head out for a little fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.
The seas were a little rough and a few people on the boat were feeling ill, so we went back in and anchored in a clam area.

We had a nice ride back to the house... not much of a sunset.
Tuesday was a quiet day around the island. Hanging out with "Shorty" (my dad) and talking about my plan of attack for the next couple months.

After a while, I made my way over to the beach for sunset... Listened to my ipod, made some calls, drank some iced tea, and soaked in the splendor.

26 March 2009

Traveling around in my automobile...

So, it has been a while since I have updated the bloggie blog. March has been a little rough in the work department. Very little action. A few days here and there with another photographer and that is about all she wrote. I have been spending my time working on a new business plan for my portrait business that I am launching and am proud to say that I successfully negotiated the purchase of a url for said business (from a UK based company).

So, since work was slow I decided to spend time with some friends... some local and some not so local.

On March 7th, Randy and Jen came to the city from PA to celebrate Randy's birthday. Around 20 of us did dinner at Dos Caminos... Good times.
The following weekend I took a drive... I hit some unexpected traffic in VA.

I also found this really cool road side BBQ joint in VA... but wasn't hungry, so no taste test.

The Weekend of the 20th brought around my Friend Aida's birthday. She and her husband Brian Silak had a few people over to their apartment to celebrate. Below is a shot of Brian and his big ole glass of Jim Beam... ALL BEAM.

Here is Aida and her sister Alice blowing out the candles.

Fernanda (below) and Sasha were also there...

Here is Aida looking pleased as punch, with her friend Janet.

Since I was taking the time to see some friends, I felt like I needed to meet up with my friend Alan Mautino. I had not seen him since June or July. So on the 23rd, Brian, Mats, and I all met up Alan and had some dinner @ Acme.

On the 24th I started making my way down to Florida to see my family and some more friends. On the way down, I stopped off in Baltimore and took a meeting with my friend Aaron Moore of Orange-Element Design... Had some great fish-and-chips and talked about branding my new business.

That night, I met up with my high school friend Nikki in Fayetteville, NC. After a nice Mexican meal, she was good enough to allow me to crash on her sofa for the night.

Now, I am in SW Florida for the next week... Or two? More updates to come.

01 March 2009

Rockets and back...

So, Thursday came along and it was time to check out the Houston Rockets playing the Cleveland Cavaliers. So, Kris, Ryan, Rob Nelson, and I went down to the Toyota Center and prepared for the action.

Our boy Jason hooked us up with some choice seats for the game.
Here's Jason... Hard at work even on game night.

We also got the hookup for the Lexus lounge.

The Rockets were victorious!

Kris found his dream car... an early 90's Chevy Cavalier with 20"+ Chrome rims!
Jason came out for a drink or two after the game @ BUS.

After the game, we went out for a couple more hours and the good times continued.

As usual, Kris kept me out way too late... I got about an hour of sleep and headed out for the airport. The flight was uneventful... It was good so be back in my bed!