14 February 2012

Better late than never

In the eleven months since my last post, life has been busy and fruitful.   My commercial client base is filling in, my spin-off portrait photography business is gaining some traction, and my personal life is great.

Thanks in part to NY based design firm - RocketDog NYC, and Baltimore based design firm - Orange Element, some of my professional highlights from 2011 include: a booking for iHome's national print advertising campaign, assignments for OneMain financial (formerly CitiFinancial), and a new jewelry client (with jewelry inspired by runway fashion).

a behind-the-scenes shot of me at work during the 2011 iHome ad shoot.  Featured product:  iP4 Boom Box

2012 has already started off well...   A Tron-inspired project from iHome (which incorporated still photography, video, and stop motion animation), got me started.   A few shoots with my jewelry client Paire, and a couple of days for NowWhat Reasearch helped brighten my gray winter days.   Looking forward to spring, warmth, and sunshine, my newest client Parasol (which specializes in clothing to protect skin from the harmful effects of the sun) has me thinking about spending time on the beach ;)

Between all of these shoots, traveling, spending time with my lady friend (and Dottie B.), I finally found time to create a new website for Scott Clinton Photography!   With the help of Charlotte Designer - Ty Duncan and NY/NJ Web Developer - John Fontana, I now have a site that is much more current.   It accurately displays my rather diverse skill set, highlighting my Portrait Photography, Band Photography, Product Photography, and even Personal Work.   This new site also announces to the world that I am officially splitting time between Charlotte, NC and New York City...  A move which some could be considered risky, but one I consider to be worthwhile.  Check out the new site and let me know what you think!   More updates soon (to both the blog and the site).

The new www.ScottClinton.com - Commercial photography in Charlotte, NC and New York City, NY

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